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o   Music generation

o   Music and emotion

o   Music/sound classification and auto-tagging

o   Source separation

o   Music transcription

o   Structure analysis

o   Performance/expressivity

o   Recommendation

o   Music and video

o   Retrieval

o   Editorial

o   Others

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Music Generation (back to top)


Music and Emotion  (back to top)

·         Yuan-Pin Lin, Ping-Keng Jao, and Yi-Hsuan Yang,
"Improving cross-day EEG-based emotion classification using robust principal component analysis,"
Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience (
(paper, bib)


Music/sound Classification and Auto-tagging (back to top)


Source Separation  (back to top)

·         Ching-Yu Chiu, Wen-Yi Hsiao, Yin-Cheng Yeh, Yi-Hsuan Yang, and Alvin W. Y. Su,
"Mixing-specific data augmentation techniques for improved blind violin/piano source separation,"
in Proc. IEEE Int. Workshop on Multimedia Signal Processing 2020 (MMSP’20),
(paper, code, demo)


Music Transcription  (back to top)


Structure Analysis (back to top)


Performance/expressivity (back to top)


Recommendation (back to top)


Music and Video (back to top)


Retrieval (back to top)


Editorial (back to top)


Others (back to top)


















































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